July 21, 2018: Heading to Paterson

So far it’s been a productive Saturday. It began a little stressful, since my search for a wedding photographer led to Andy and I possibly facing expensive deposit amounts from one vendor, and other inquiry emails sent to others met with silence. After some digging though, we came across someone who was accessible, with a deposit amount we can deal with. After a brief but pleasant phone call, we made an appointment to meet for Monday evening.

We’re on our way to Paterson now. It’s been a month since seeing my grandparents. I can’t wait to see how everyone is doing. I’m happy that we’re seeing them today, since the next few weekends will be very busy.

Hopefully I’ll see Brittany for a few minutes. I didn’t get a chance to see her last month, due to her working. She never responded after I sent news of the wedding date to my family. She’s like that with the phone, won’t hear from her for days at a time. It would be great to hear from her again.

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