July 27, 2018: My Thoughts on ‘The Lovely Bones’

‘The Lovely Bones’ tells the story of Susie Salmon, a fourteen year old girl who was killed by a neighbor back in 1973. The story is told in Susie’s perspective, beginning just before the crime takes place. The book then follows the lives of Susie’s friends and family, and how they handle the loss of such a special person. Susie is viewing her loved ones from her place in heaven, longing to guide them through their events and struggles, but unable to intervene.

‘The Lovely Bones’ is a very emotional story. It was difficult at times for me to read certain parts due to the intense conflicts among the characters. At the same instance I couldn’t put the book down. The story being so raw and moving, and I eagerly awaited the fate of Susie’s family members as they navigated through life without her.

I enjoyed reading ‘The Lovely Bones’; it’s been available in stores for a few years, but I finally came across it at a nice bookstore in Wildwood, so I decided to pick it up. I’m glad I did!

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