July 29, 2018: I Rise

When I began my studies in poetry therapy, an important thing I learned was to take note of your strengths in the face of extreme challenges. Of course, this task is not easy to learn right away, as doubt and disbelief always finds its way to creep in the mind. Eventually, your strengths come to light, like a switch being clicked on, and you realize that yes, you are indeed strong.

This year, It took me living through my most challenging days to reach this realization. A month ago, I was at a low point emotionally. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in the span of a week. I didn’t know if there could be any resolution in sight.

Then, things slowly shifted. I began to breathe, and take note of what I needed to do in my life at the time. I slowly came to the realization that yes, I will shine through this. I am strong. I had Andy’s undying support, and Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’ going through my mind like a mantra:

You may write me down in history

with your bitter, twisted lies,

you may trod me in the very dirt,

but still, like dust, I rise.

Like a switch, my resolve returned. While there are more challenging days ahead, I take comfort in knowing that I will endure these bumps in the road courageously. Through the hardships I move ahead knowing that life has many more gifts and blessings in store for me.

**Quote is from the poem ‘Still I Rise’, from Maya Angelou.**


  1. Andy says:

    You always will have my undying support. <3

  2. poetnessa says:

    I am so happy to know you have Andy by your side, Cathleen! You deserve only goodness! Your words here are such wise words!! And lastly, I am so grateful that I was able to spend quality time with you in such a short timeframe! I feel we were lucky that way!

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