Month: August 2018

August 30, 2018: More Hardship in Puerto Rico

More trouble is coming for Puerto Rican residents displaced from their homes due to Hurricane Maria. On September 14, residents in FEMA sponsored housing within the US will need to relocate, according to a district judges’ ruling. These displaced residents have been living in this type of housing for nearly 10 months. There may be many who are encountering difficulties obtaining a new home. Perhaps they have very little money, and living in FEMA housing is the only thing that’s keeping them afloat emotionally. Perhaps they were relying on relatives or other connections to provide them with other housing, and opportunities keep falling through the cracks.

I believe that if our current presidential administration was more sympathetic towards Puerto Rico’s plight, these residents would’ve been treated more fairly. The continued mocking our president is giving Puerto Rico is unforgivable, especially since the official death toll is much higher than originally reported. When the reports on the loss of life originally came out, I always held suspicion. The fact that only 64 people lost their lives due to a powerful storm was a bit hard to believe. Now that the number is officially updated, it’s heartbreaking. And the President laying blame on Puerto Rico for its high loss of life is unbelievable. We need to realize, once again, that human lives must be valued, regardless of what country they are from. The fact that we still need to be reminded of this fact in 2018 is so shameful.


August 29, 2018: Water Damage

Water damage have become a major topic in recent weeks. The schools within our area are currently dealing with the aftermath of such a complication (mold), and are now in a delayed schedule timeline as a result. My job is a year round center, and it also has a situation with a pipe bursting. We are hopeful that the damage in the school isn’t severe. Only time will tell.

My past experiences with pipes bursting was not the best, with regards to support. A few years ago I lived inside a basement apartment, and we had a pipe burst in the adjoining basement. Instead of it being addressed immediately, my ex and his family sat on the problem, and complained when I tried several times to address the situation. I resorted to placing several towels on the living room floor (the only room that collected water the most), and a couple hours would pass before the water reappeared. It took a family member coming downstairs look for him to realize how bad it was.

Will this current pipe situation also leave a lasting impact? We can only hope for the best.


August 28, 2018: Friendship Despite the Challenges

My heart continues to break for Puerto Rico. A report came out this week that the death toll from Hurricane Maria is much higher than originally reported. It didn’t come as a surprise to me, since a storm of that magnitude would make a huge impact. What saddens me is the lack of attention Puerto Rico is currently receiving. There are thousands of residents still suffering from lack of power, and our government pays minimal attention.

While this saddening report come to the surface, I continue to speak with my close friend from Puerto Rico about her attending my wedding next year. She is very excited about the event, and is doing whatever possible to attend next summer. We go back and forth from taking about my upcoming wedding to reflecting on our high school days. We could go on forever.

August 26, 2018: Birthday in Rockland

Today Andy and I went to Rockland County to celebrate my niece Ana’s 4th birthday. It’s always such a treat when I see her. Ever since I moved down to central NJ two years ago, I don’t get to see her very often, so it’s a special time whenever I’m around her.

Ana is such a fun little girl, with a personality filled with growing sassiness. In a few weeks she will begin pre-school! It will be such a new experience for her, but she will be with her cousins, so it will make the process easier emotionally. Ana is also beginning to discover friendships, and learning that her circle of friends is indeed beginning to grow.

Ana had so much fun during her birthday celebration. Next weekend I’ll be at her home that she shares with my grandparents, so I’m hopeful that I will have some time to spend with her once again.