August 6, 2018: Decode Tour in Boston

While Andy and I were in Boston on Saturday evening, we went to check out the Decode Tour, featuring Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, and Kanga. We both wanted to check out the bands for quite some time, and Andy wanted to catch Rabbit Junk when they played in the east coast.

It took forever for us to find parking, and we wound up missing the first two bands that were featured (I don’t list them here. I’m sure they were good!). Despite the crazy parking, it turned to be a very good show. Women were featured in the three acts we caught, which was a great thing.

The one thing that was a negative (nothing about the show) was a fellow audience member who tried to get a little too friendly. It didn’t matter to him that I was with someone, he still tried to intrude. He eventually wandered off somewhere else. It takes some people forever to take the hint.

Andy and I had a fun time at the show, and hopefully we can catch another one fairly soon. It was a nice break away from the usual routine. It was also a nice journey to see the show: since we’re from central New Jersey, it took about 5 hours to get there. It was worth it.

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