August 18, 2018: Childhood Memories

This afternoon Andy and I went to Haledon. Our route to Haledon took us by my old high school. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve visited the area, so when I realized where we were, I happily pointed it out to him. High school wasn’t particularly a great time, but I did have great moments with my circle of friends. I still speak to one of these friends to this day. It was so lovely to have the memories of bus rides return as we traveled down old pathways.

On our way out of Haledon, we passed by my cousins’ old private grade school. It is now a child developmemt center, but this location also brought back memories of my cousins attending this school when it was active, going to 8th grade graduation at the church directly next door. It was so nice to reflect on past times while completing present tasks.

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