August 29, 2018: Water Damage

Water damage have become a major topic in recent weeks. The schools within our area are currently dealing with the aftermath of such a complication (mold), and are now in a delayed schedule timeline as a result. My job is a year round center, and it also has a situation with a pipe bursting. We are hopeful that the damage in the school isn’t severe. Only time will tell.

My past experiences with pipes bursting was not the best, with regards to support. A few years ago I lived inside a basement apartment, and we had a pipe burst in the adjoining basement. Instead of it being addressed immediately, my ex and his family sat on the problem, and complained when I tried several times to address the situation. I resorted to placing several towels on the living room floor (the only room that collected water the most), and a couple hours would pass before the water reappeared. It took a family member coming downstairs look for him to realize how bad it was.

Will this current pipe situation also leave a lasting impact? We can only hope for the best.


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