August 30, 2018: More Hardship in Puerto Rico

More trouble is coming for Puerto Rican residents displaced from their homes due to Hurricane Maria. On September 14, residents in FEMA sponsored housing within the US will need to relocate, according to a district judges’ ruling. These displaced residents have been living in this type of housing for nearly 10 months. There may be many who are encountering difficulties obtaining a new home. Perhaps they have very little money, and living in FEMA housing is the only thing that’s keeping them afloat emotionally. Perhaps they were relying on relatives or other connections to provide them with other housing, and opportunities keep falling through the cracks.

I believe that if our current presidential administration was more sympathetic towards Puerto Rico’s plight, these residents would’ve been treated more fairly. The continued mocking our president is giving Puerto Rico is unforgivable, especially since the official death toll is much higher than originally reported. When the reports on the loss of life originally came out, I always held suspicion. The fact that only 64 people lost their lives due to a powerful storm was a bit hard to believe. Now that the number is officially updated, it’s heartbreaking. And the President laying blame on Puerto Rico for its high loss of life is unbelievable. We need to realize, once again, that human lives must be valued, regardless of what country they are from. The fact that we still need to be reminded of this fact in 2018 is so shameful.


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