Month: August 2018

August 16, 2018: Remembering Aretha Franklin

Back in 2005 I was listening to Aretha Franklin while sitting in a Starbucks in NYC, in the Grammercy Park neighborhood. As I looked out the window, watching the busy city life go about their business, I thought, ‘One day I’m going to live here. I’m going to make it’. Two years later, that dream came true, and it set into motion the life experiences that have directed my life path thus far.

Aretha Franklin was a definite motivator in that goal. As I listened to her strong, melodic voice, I felt empowered. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to, just like her. It may seem very small, but it provided a significant impact in my life thirteen years ago.

Aretha Franklin is gone, and we will never hear her perform live again. Her powerful words will continue to influence our lives for many years to come, much like she influenced mine over a decade ago.

August 15, 2018: Bright Day

Today turned out to be a lovely sunny day. I got to take my toddlers outside, and I managed to look through my Knot NJ magazine during break time. I wanted to search through the magazine for dresses, but they don’t explore dress selections as much as they offer advice on what to do when I decide to go dress shopping. It’s all very helpful information!

I’m happy that I began reading a new story last night. I’m currently reading ‘The Other Wes Moore’, a story about two men sharing the same name, growing up in the same Baltimore neighborhood. Their backgrounds are similar up until a certain point. It’s a non-fiction book, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

August 14, 2018: Rainy Day Cures

Today was a crazy day at work, and the constant afternoon thunderstorms did not make things any smoother. I’m very thankful that music and singing keeps my toddlers occupied. It didn’t keep them distracted the entire day, but it was a great way to pass the time.

I couldn’t attend the stitch and sips meeting after work, but this will give me plenty of time to begin new projects. Now that my left hand is on a positive mend, I can begin pushing myself to create yarn products once again.

August 13, 2018: Sunflowers

Trying to choose colors for the wedding is a little tricky. I’m heavily leaning towards Lilac and Yellow (I love purple, but would do a light shade of purple due to the summer). I also have an idea of having lilacs and sunflowers around the reception hall. I’m not concerned so much with florals in the church, just with my bouquet and the bridemaids’ bouquets. My mother loved light floral colors, and we both love purple, so this color scheme would be most appropriate. We also love Sunflowers and Daffodils. I’ve seen some Pinterest ideas with Sunflowers blended in the floral arrangements, and they were really lovely.

August 12, 2018: Sloatsburg

Today Andy and I spent the day at Sloatsburg, NY. Every year the area holds a pilgrimage for the Catholic community. Although it’s centered on Ukrainian Catholics, anyone from a Catholic background can attend. Cardinal Timothy Dolan from NYC was in attendance, which was very nice to see. I always think of him as a very pleasant individual.

As we were sitting with the crowd during the liturgy, I was thinking how it’s wonderful to take part in an event where everyone is counted. It also made me feel happy that my fiance invited me whenever we can make it. Along with it being a spiritual experience, the area is very scenic and peaceful. I’m unsure if we’re able to make it next year (not sure if it falls during our wedding), but I look forward to be in the area again in the future.

August 11, 2018: Too Quickly

The meeting at the Bronx fell through. I had a feeling it was never coming to pass when I heard no response from Johanna’s former house mate (the person who still has her things). The issue of who cares for a loved one’s possessions is a touchy subject, especially if the person has passed away, like Johanna. I worry about what will become of Johanna’s writings and poetry material. She didn’t leave a will. It was too early in her life to consider one, and when she realized that her time on Earth was drawing to a close, the end came quickly. Much sooner than everyone was prepared for. I still think of Johanna every day.

August 10, 2018: Different Connections

After work I need to contact Johanna’s good friend. We’re supposed to collect Johanna’s things in New York tomorrow, but I don’t know when we need to meet up, and the friend who lives at the apartment isn’t getting back to me. If I don’t hear from anyone I’m going to assume that I’m not needed. Johanna’s friends tend to get back to me very late, but it will be problematic if she waits too long. I’m hoping for the best.