September 29, 2018: New Books in Familiar Surroundings

I get very excited when I come to Wildwood, since I can really check out the beautiful surroundings with someone who knows the area. Andy shares so many stories of restaurants and historical landmarks, and I just soak it all in. I also get super excited about heading to the bookstore near our hotel. AlongContinue reading “September 29, 2018: New Books in Familiar Surroundings”

September 28, 2018: End of Month Journeys

I’ve been looking forward to this journey all week. Andy and I are celebrating our good friend’s birthday down the Jersey shore. Sure it will be a bit cooler, but it will be so exciting to travel the boardwalk. I’m very much looking forward to heading over to Cape May also. It always holds aContinue reading “September 28, 2018: End of Month Journeys”

September 27, 2018: Thursday Thoughts

I picked up my wedding dress today. Since there’s still some time before my wedding, I need to store it at home for a while before taking it to get altered. I didn’t expect to have so much time to wait before alterations. Really glad that the dress search is done with though. Tomorrow afterContinue reading “September 27, 2018: Thursday Thoughts”

September 26, 2018: Last Night’s Dream

My mom appeared in my dream last night. She rarely makes an appearance in my dreams, so I pay close attention when she does. I remember feeling happy when I saw her. My mom was smiling, wearing her hair in a long, loose ponytail, and her face was made up lightly. She was also wearingContinue reading “September 26, 2018: Last Night’s Dream”

September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship

My naptime CDs from Amazon came in today! I’m very happy, since the ones I keep at work are skipping like crazy due to overuse. Andy is going to create a copy of the CDs so I can make another copy in case the disc stops working again. Today is my friend Iris’s birthday! IrisContinue reading “September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship”

September 24, 2018: New Mail and Books

I received a couple exciting items in the mail today. The first item was the Turnip2020 mug I ordered through . Due to the upcoming 2018 election, Turnip2020 has been the popular site to frequent on Twitter in recent weeks. The Turnip2020 movement stands for a positive change from the GOP stronghold. I findContinue reading “September 24, 2018: New Mail and Books”

September 23, 2018: Relaxing Sunday

Today was a day spent in relaxation. Aside from the daily errands, I didn’t push myself to do anything, and I was perfectly okay with that. I enjoyed looking at the photos I took of last night’s show that Andy and I attended in New York City. It was awesome checking out Imperative Reaction again.Continue reading “September 23, 2018: Relaxing Sunday”

September 22, 2018: Autumn in Whippany & NYC

Autumn is a special time of year. As much as I miss summer, I enjoy the cooler weather. It allows me to wear longer length boots for a few months out of the year. It’s also an exciting time for Halloween season and pumpkins. I’m very much looking forward to going to the local pumpkinContinue reading “September 22, 2018: Autumn in Whippany & NYC”

September 20, 2018: One More Week

The baseball season is nearing an end. Just over a week left! I can’t believe the season passed by us so soon. The Mets began so promising, yet fell in a predicament that’s too familiar is recent years. I feel a bit down that we didn’t get to attend a Mets game this year. HopefullyContinue reading “September 20, 2018: One More Week”