September 4, 2018: Risking Everything

Today the news of Colin Kaepernick representing Nike was all over the news. After over a year of Kaepernick making headlines for being the face of ‘Taking a Knee’ during the National Anthem in NFL games, Nike decides to stand behind him when it seems like everyone turned away from him. Of course, this is bringing a backlash to Nike, as people are filming themselves burning their Nike gear.

I choose to stand when the US National Anthem is played, yet I don’t see anything harmful in Kaepernick’s message. By kneeling before the National Anthem before every game, he’s non-violently protesting his cause. He places his career on the line each and every time, but this is something he chooses to do. Finally a major corporation is recognizing his cause, after months of silence. Nike is a brand who is known for highlighting social causes in the past, and with their support, Colin Kaepernick once again risks it all in order to get his statement across.


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