September 6, 2018: Ana’s First Day

Before I went on break this afternoon, I heard my phone come to life with a barrage of notifications. I usually have the sound turned off, so I quickly flipped it off after realizing that I forgot.

When my break finally came around, I glanced at my phone and saw 12 messages were sent. I pressed the Message icon, curious to see who would send me so much content all at once. I was pleasantly surprised to see photos of my niece going down the steps, new uniform and backpack in proud display. Today was her very first day of school.

I was so happy to see her smiling face as she walked with her mom to her new school, then sitting in her new classroom with other children. There will be some days where she may not feel excited about school life. But this certainly brings on new experiences for Ana and her mom. I’m interested to see what will happen to her in the months to come.

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