September 9, 2018: New Reads and Weekend Tasks

  • I’m currently reading ‘Gateway to Fourline’ by Pam Brondos. I picked it up through a Kindle Reads special a few months back, and I finally got around to reading it the other day. I’m only a couple chapters in, and it’s an enjoyable read. Fantasy genre, with a touch of modern blended in.
  • I committed most of the weekend to completing prep work for my classroom. My center will be open tomorrow, so I can come in early to change over my room.
  • I had the chance to attend a baby shower in Union County this afternoon. I’m excited to see how the baby will act with his peers when he’s finally here. My future mother-in-law crocheted a beautiful blue blanket for a gift. She was insecure about the finished product, but it came out beautiful. I’m certain that it will be greatly appreciated, especially since he will be born towards the end of the year.

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