September 10, 2018: Library Memories

Shortly before dinner today, I watched Peter Monn’s YouTube channel, ‘Peter Likes Books’. I enjoy watching the many channels BookTube (the YouTube book community) has to offer, especially after long work days. In this particular video, Peter is driving to his local library, stating how it remains the very same from when he visited in his youth.

In a flash, I was immediately taken back to the first library I visited when I was a child. It was a small branch in Paterson, a few blocks from home on Market St. I can still remember the children’s section like it was yesterday! Limitless shelves of books for me to browse. One of the tables held a record player I loved to work with. I can still remember the ‘book smell’ that settled all around me, and it was heavenly.

Watching Peter’s video brought waves of happiness and nostalgia. Reading, and surrounded by books, is my life. I will always love reading and libraries, and I’m proud of it. I’m even blessed to have someone in my life who adores reading as much as I do. Long work hours have hindered my passion for reading, yet I continue to create ways to fit reading into my day.

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