September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words

I learned today that people can be very misleading with their words. I always had that feeling, but something that occurred in the afternoon really drove it home for me. In a couple days Andy and I will have an enjoyable Saturday. There’s a festival in the morning, and a show in the evening. ItContinue reading “September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words”

September 18, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

This morning I handled another extreme sugar low. I meant to wake up early so I can head to work and decorate before my shift began. Things worked out differently though, and Andy was coming into my room at 6:30 offering me liquid glucose, due a low sensor reading. I didn’t even realize I sleptContinue reading “September 18, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts”

September 17, 2018: Delaware Outing

I went to a good concert last night. Shows don’t usually present itself on a Sunday night, so Andy and I wanted to have a fun time. We went to Wilmington, Delaware to celebrate Asylum 13’s 7th year anniversary. Chemlab, C-Tec and Silver Walks performed, and they were all pretty amazing. I enjoy heading downContinue reading “September 17, 2018: Delaware Outing”

September 16, 2018: Coming to Terms

Truly thankful that I had a good night’s sleep. While I know that it’s still the weekend, of course I would get a decent night’s sleep, it actually has been difficult. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been waking up several times during the night. I could not get to sleep, and it was frustrating.Continue reading “September 16, 2018: Coming to Terms”

September 15, 2018: Animals Surviving

Hurricane Florance is leaving its destructive mark throughout North and South Carolina. Entire neighborhoods are flooded, and many residents were forced to leave their pets behind, due to shelters unable to house their fur babies. New Jersey animal shelters are doing their part to board animals in dire need due to Hurricane Florance. St. HubertsContinue reading “September 15, 2018: Animals Surviving”

September 14, 2018: Fortune

Today Andy and I went on a small shopping excursion after dinner. I needed a new pair of pants, so I visited Uniqlo to see their selections. I managed to find a nice pair of purple leggings in my size! I felt relieved, since I keep going between sizes these past few months. It wasContinue reading “September 14, 2018: Fortune”

September 13, 2018: Wedding/Work Planning, and David Wright News

Andy and I had our second meeting with the deacon today. I was glad that we finally had time to meet with him, especially since the last time we tried, Andy wasn’t feeling well. When we got home, I listened to the news of David Wright most likely retiring after he plays with the MetsContinue reading “September 13, 2018: Wedding/Work Planning, and David Wright News”

September 12, 2018: Celebrations

Today was my center’s Back to School night. I usually don’t have a high turnout on this day, but I take advantage of the situation and get some work done. After the event ended, Andy and I had fun at Buffalo Wild Wings endless happy hour. It was fun to relax with drinks in theContinue reading “September 12, 2018: Celebrations”

September 10, 2018: Library Memories

Shortly before dinner today, I watched Peter Monn’s YouTube channel, ‘Peter Likes Books’. I enjoy watching the many channels BookTube (the YouTube book community) has to offer, especially after long work days. In this particular video, Peter is driving to his local library, stating how it remains the very same from when he visited inContinue reading “September 10, 2018: Library Memories”