Month: September 2018

September 22, 2018: Autumn in Whippany & NYC

Autumn is a special time of year. As much as I miss summer, I enjoy the cooler weather. It allows me to wear longer length boots for a few months out of the year. It’s also an exciting time for Halloween season and pumpkins. I’m very much looking forward to going to the local pumpkin patch in a couple weeks.

To begin the Autumn season, Andy and I went to Whippany this afternoon. There was a Ukrainian festival in that area, filled with dance performances and great vendors. I purchased my first Ukrainian-style shirt! I always wanted to buy one, and this year I didn’t want to leave without getting one. I’m very happy with what I found.

In a short while we’re heading to the Imperative Reaction show in New York City. I haven’t seen Imperative Reaction since their last performance in NYC, 6 years ago. I was still living in New York then, and that show took place days before Superstorm Sandy hit the area. That period of time will always be memorable to me, in many ways.

I’m hoping that Autumn will bring many positive moments. This time of year is filled with fun gatherings and gathering with family, and I’m looking forward to many encounters.

September 20, 2018: One More Week

The baseball season is nearing an end. Just over a week left! I can’t believe the season passed by us so soon. The Mets began so promising, yet fell in a predicament that’s too familiar is recent years. I feel a bit down that we didn’t get to attend a Mets game this year. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to see one on 2019. At least I finally have a David Wright shirt in my collection now. Thank you Andy πŸ™‚

September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words

  • I learned today that people can be very misleading with their words. I always had that feeling, but something that occurred in the afternoon really drove it home for me.
  • In a couple days Andy and I will have an enjoyable Saturday. There’s a festival in the morning, and a show in the evening. It will be great if I can find something to wear for the show. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • My left hand is feeling better with each passing day. I feel an occasional sting, but I can walk around most of the day without my brace. I keep it on during important times at work. Quite a difference from a couple months ago, when I needed it all day!

September 18, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

This morning I handled another extreme sugar low. I meant to wake up early so I can head to work and decorate before my shift began. Things worked out differently though, and Andy was coming into my room at 6:30 offering me liquid glucose, due a low sensor reading. I didn’t even realize I slept through my alarm until it was quarter to 7, when the glucose fully kicked in. I’m grateful that Andy was there to help me come to my senses.

I keep receiving notices from Quest Diagnostics to pay for a bill that was settled a few months back. After some digging online I discovered that the bill was indeed paid off, and I owe a much lesser amount. So I printed out the forms needed tonight, before sending them off tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the last time I receive anything like that from them.

I received word from my relatives from North Carolina that they are safe from the effects of Hurricane Florence. This natural disaster has effected many lives and flooded many neighborhoods. The sight of rescuers attending to abandoned animals is such a heartwarming sight. It’s so unbelievable that anyone could leave pets locked in a home as floodwaters are rising.


September 17, 2018: Delaware Outing

I went to a good concert last night. Shows don’t usually present itself on a Sunday night, so Andy and I wanted to have a fun time. We went to Wilmington, Delaware to celebrate Asylum 13’s 7th year anniversary. Chemlab, C-Tec and Silver Walks performed, and they were all pretty amazing.

I enjoy heading down with Andy to take part in this goth/industrial theme night. Delaware is a nice change of pace from the Northern NJ routine. We also love hitting up the Arby’s before heading into Bar 13. The only downer is that their weekly night is on Thursday, and since we live 2 hours away, that’s not possible to attend on a regular basis. I still love to support them whenever possible, like last night.

September 16, 2018: Coming to Terms

Truly thankful that I had a good night’s sleep. While I know that it’s still the weekend, of course I would get a decent night’s sleep, it actually has been difficult. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been waking up several times during the night. I could not get to sleep, and it was frustrating.

I live through work struggles and life struggles day by day, but last night my thoughts on all these difficulties came crashing in on me at once. Handling a wedding, while working a job with limited pay, stresses me out to no end. I agonize and overanalyze, but I came to a realization that this is the lesson I need to work through right now.

Does it mean that life will automatically get easier? It’s up to how I travel through my life path at this point. Coming to terms with my difficulties, while blending my passions, may be the key to living a more peaceful life.