Month: September 2018

September 1, 2018: Summer Ending, and Dress Shopping

It’s amazing that summer is flying by so quickly! Only a couple weeks before Autumn is upon us. When I was a teacher in the public/private schools (with summers off), I enjoyed Labor Day trips to Wildwood with Andy. It was so lovely to enjoy the last days off before the year began. Now that I’m working year round, the days become one in the same, so it’s quite a surprise that September is here. We will enjoy that Wildwood time off soon enough.

So far I began September on the right foot. I went shopping for my wedding dress this afternoon. When my appointment was over, I found the dress I needed! I had a very good friend accompany me for advice and support. Having that extra person was very helpful to decide what would be more flattering, and what wouldn’t work out. I now need to worry about shoes with heels. I haven’t worn heels in years, but the occasion calls for it. 🙂


August 31, 2018: A Voice Silenced

I’m so sad about the Village Voice ending publication. When I became a frequent visitor to New York City back in 2001 (and a NYC resident 6 years later), I was excited to grab the Village Voice to read articles on daily city life. Every time I visited Manhattan and passed by those little red boxes, I was curious on what eye-catching story would be featured next.

Although the current owner of the Village Voice is encouraging everyone to view digital archives of this weekly paper, a vibrant piece of New York pop culture is now gone. future generations will never know the joy of picking up  a free copy of the Village Voice while wandering around the neighborhood. Each story reflected a piece of the city’s diverse way of living.

It’s very saddening to learn about the demise of the Village Voice. It didn’t have to happen like this. More than ever, we need publications that express free thinking and criticism of local issues, and the Voice was an important outlet in expressing various topics.