October 7, 2018: Family Gathering

I spent a lovely day with my family in Paterson. I first visited my mother’s gravesite, a few minutes away from my grandparents’ house. I do my best to visit her at least once a month. It’s such a sacred time for me.

I then visited the rest of my family in Paterson. My niece is getting bigger each time I see her. She began PreK last month, and so far she’s loving it. Easy drop offs, her mom tells me. We’re hoping it stays that way!

My grandparents are doing good also. My grandfather had a health scare the other day, but thankfully took care of it in time. He was enjoying the cookout my cousin Brittany was in charge of. He also shared with me news about some family friends in Puerto Rico.

Brittany also gave me some clothes to use for my classroom theme. Her daughter has no need for them, and I have a shortage of clothes in my room. I’m grateful for whatever she can give.

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