October 11, 2018: Michael’s Impact

The damage Hurricane Michael left on Florida is absolutely devastating. My heart goes out to all of the people in Florida who are suffering, now living without homes. Entire towns destroyed. All these hurricanes cutting through our country with such force is a clear sign that our environment is suffering. As long as our governmentContinue reading “October 11, 2018: Michael’s Impact”

October 10, 2018: World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day holds deep meaning for me. My mother lived most of her life with a mental illness, and my family lived with this fact in silence. I feel so grateful that my mother and I managed to renew our bond a few years before she passed away nine years ago. If youContinue reading “October 10, 2018: World Mental Health Day”

October 9, 2018: Gateway to Fourline Review

The Gateway to Fourline by Pam Brondos is the first installment of a three part series. It delves into the world of Natalie Barnes, a college student trying to do what’s right for her family’s farming business while struggling to maintain her good college standing. Natalie finds a job in a costume shop to payContinue reading “October 9, 2018: Gateway to Fourline Review”

October 8, 2018: Positive News

After a long day of professional development trainings, I received great news from Andy: his cancer specialist informed him that he’s now 18 years in remission. I’m so happy for him! Andy is truly a wonderful person, and he deserves good blessings in his life. Tonight we’re taking a trip to Philadelphia. Andy needs toContinue reading “October 8, 2018: Positive News”

October 7, 2018: Family Gathering

I spent a lovely day with my family in Paterson. I first visited my mother’s gravesite, a few minutes away from my grandparents’ house. I do my best to visit her at least once a month. It’s such a sacred time for me. I then visited the rest of my family in Paterson. My nieceContinue reading “October 7, 2018: Family Gathering”

October 6, 2018: Disappointed

This is a disappointing day for America. The majority of our government just declared that human decency and women’s voices fail to matter. A misogynist running our country gives the green light for racists and sexists to come out of the woodwork. There must be an end to this chaos somewhere. It pains me thatContinue reading “October 6, 2018: Disappointed”

October 5, 2018: Daisy

My Timehop for today features Daisy, a beagle that was in our lives for two yesrs. We adopted her in Clifton Animal Shelter. Sadly, she passed away last year due to kidney failure. Daisy loved laying next to me so I can pet her all the time. She was so adorable. Like Suzy, my family’sContinue reading “October 5, 2018: Daisy”

October 4, 2018 Thursday Thoughts

Watching the MLB playoffs is exciting to watch, even when your team isn’t playing. Visiting my family in a couple days. I’m really hoping that my grandfather is feeling better. I’m really enjoying the spookathon photo challenge. Some of the prompts require some thought, but I’m curious to see what I can discover from myContinue reading “October 4, 2018 Thursday Thoughts”

October 2, 2018: Reading and Working

Sometimes I need to balance my time wisely. Finding a middle ground between performing work tasks when I’m at home, and pursuing my passion for reading and writing. I’m deep into reading my Kindle fantasy novel, just a couple chapters an evening. Ever once in a while, preparing for work leaves me so exhausted thatContinue reading “October 2, 2018: Reading and Working”