November 27, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

I realized before I went to bed that I forgot to call home to check on my grandfather. I meant to call him yesterday…I did my check in on the family on Saturday and Sunday, and both times he was away (he loves being out of the house the moment he’s feeling well), and I meant to check-in again today. Of course the events of Monday flows in…and before you know it, 10pm is here. So I’m setting that reminder for this afternoon, when my break comes.

I’m listening to a YouTube video right now, where the person straightened his hair recently also! He filmed this clip hours earlier, so he was sharing that he was living his ‘straight hair’ moment. I’m certainly living that now for the next couple days, since I know it’s over the moment I wash it out, and it’ll be weeks before I get it straightened again. Unless I dare to take heat to my hair again sooner than my appointment in January. I’ll see how I’m feeling in December.

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