Blogmas Day 2: 1st Sunday of Advent

     Today marks the first Sunday of Advent, or the beginning of the liturgical year in the Roman Catholic Church. This also marks the period when Catholics begin to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. During the next four weeks, we observe Advent through prayer and being mindful of the things which are truly important in daily life, while waiting for the coming birth of Christ. The Advent wreath features four candles, each representing a different phase of the season: Faithfulness, Hope, Joy, and Love. 

     It’s true that in this day and age, consumerism has swept up the Christmas spirit for many families around the world. The need to own the hottest commodities has taken precedence. Despite this reality, it’s very crucial to remember why we all celebrate this season in the first place. It’s important to maintain a sense of mindfulness and kindness in the midst of preparing for Christmas. 

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