Blogmas Day 5: My ‘Peanuts’ Christmas Decorations

     One of the most favorite parts of Christmas is the act of decorating my space. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed watching my grandfather setting up the Christmas lights in the living room. It always took a couple hours for him to arrange the lights, but it always looked like a work of art when it was complete. While I currently don’t live in a home with tons of Christmas lights, I love bringing out my Christmas decorations for my room every year. 

     Since I enjoy everything Peanuts and Snoopy-related, the following items all feature the characters in their Christmas element.

Andy and I found this little Snoopy over in CVS! We love how he changes in different colors! 

This string of lights appear like a rainbow across my window! Each snowflake features Snoopy in his holiday element. This string of lights also plays music!
These three adorable figures display a lovely Christmas feature. I keep all of them near my mirror!
Snoopy the Snowbeagle, with his buddy Woodstock 🙂

Charlie Brown with his beloved Christmas tree!
Sally with her list, and special gift!
This Snoopy came from Macy’s on 2015. Belle was included!
I received Christmas Snoopy and Charlie Brown at Hallmark. They came with a storybook, telling the tale of Snoopy saving Christmas!
Winter/Holiday Snoopy and Woodstock also came from Hallmark last year. I enjoy bringing them out around this time of year!

     I also have window decals picturing Snoopy and Woodstock by the Christmas tree, but I will take photos of them later in the week, when the room lighting isn’t reflecting too much! 

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