December 9, 2018: West Caldwell with Friends

Yesterday was an eventful one. Andy and I began our journey in Somerset, headed towards the New Brunswick area. A couple hours into the journey, we received word that a good friend of Andy’s was having a birthday gathering an hour away. It was an hour away, yet we still wanted to hang out with them, since they were very nice people. So our journey took us over to West Caldwell for the rest of the day.

We hung out at a Starbucks, where they had lovely bookcases filled with eclectic resding material. Andy alternated reading aloud from Aeneid and a Harlequin book titled ‘The Shiekh’s Captive’. It was a wonderful time.

After we parted ways with our friends, we headed to this Sushi place called Inspiration Roll for dinner. They offered Ramen bowls and sushi on their menu. We both got Sweet Potato Rolls and Confucius Nachos. This side dish contained spicy tuna and avocado with chips. It was pretty good. I also couldn’t resist taking a photo of Snoopy by the food. I always take Snoopy photos wherever we go!

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