Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Outfit Shopping at Kohl’s

Yesterday after church, I wanted to find the perfect outfit for a Christmas event happening at Seton Hall this evening. We’re both SHU alumni, and Andy is still employed at the school. I wanted to find a dress that was inexpensive while showing a holiday flair. I also didn’t want to search through 10 different shops to find the appropriate size. So we settled on Kohl’s: it sells clothes in both regular and petite sizes. It also has many Christmas-related items. We decided to go shopping after brunch and coffee.

Brunch with Snoopys, and Linus!

At Kohl’s there was a very nice selection of rich, dark shades, appropriate for the holidays. I managed to find a long-sleeved, cranberry colored dress. It wasn’t sized for petites, so I was a little concerned about how it would fit, but it turned out that the dress went on (and fit) comfortably. I don’t have a Here’s a current shot of me wearing the dress. The event doesn’t begin for another hour, so I’m waiting in the campus library.

After I found the outfit, I took some time to admire the Christmas displays and decorations throughout the store. The trees on display were very vibrant, with a variety of shades and ornaments. I had the Snoopys with me, so I took some lovely Christmas photos with them.

Christmas Snoopy with Joy!
A stocking for Snoopy!

The holidays bring out lots of fun displays and festivals, and it’s enjoyable to capture each moment. It only lasts for a short time!

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