Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Books I Read to My Class

     As a Toddler Lead Teacher, I enjoy reading stories to children each and every day. When Christmas rolls around, I love gathering stories related to the holiday season. Along with stories related to my curriculum, I mix it up with Christmas stories. What I have pictured is just a few of the stories I have available in my room for Christmas: 

Curious George: Curious About Christmas
     This story shows Curious George and the Man With the Yellow Hat getting prepared for that special day in December.


Winter, by Ann Blades
     This story has no words, yet the images of two children

venturing out into the snowy evening to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah are very endearing. My children love to view the children sledding in the snow!

Biscuit’s Pet and Play Christmas
     This story has rich textures for small children, allowing them to explore the story as well as listening to Biscuit’s adventure as he gets ready for Christmas.

The Gingerbread Man
     This classic story shows us a elderly couple baking a gingerbread man who comes to life, causing the villagers to go on a wild chase.

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