Blogmas Day 13: Watching ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

     This evening I caught a couple scenes of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ on YouTube. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch when my two favorite holidays come around: Christmas and Halloween. There’s always the long debate as to what ‘type’ of movie it falls under. I watch it during both times of year, since it’s an enjoyable film.

     ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, the leader of Halloween Town who becomes enamored with Christmas Town. He wants to introduce the comforts of Christmas into the spooky world he’s accustomed to, and funny adventures take place. When I first watched the film many years ago, I fell in love with it. I enjoy the imagery of both Halloween Town and Christmas Town. There is also a love story between Jack Skellington and Sally Stitch that’s simply heartwarming. 

     I’m definitely going to watch ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ this weekend. It will be a nice break from the stress of life. 

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