Blogmas Day 15: Secret Santa Shopping

It’s that time of year when places of employmemt do Secret Santa. The process usually entails searching for items that are generally at a fixed amount, to be given either: (1) once at the end of the week, during a staff outing, or (2) items are given out to your person each day. Shopping for your Secret Santa can range from feelings of excitement to anxiety while finding that unique gift.

For me, I kept these things in mind while shopping for my Secret Santa:

1) Search in affordable spots. You don’t need to go to a major department store to find the right scent or novelty item. Shopping in a drugstore will do. Places like CVS and Walgreens carry a variety of items.

2) If you do choose to lavishly spend on gifts, don’t pressure others to do the same. Just because you might buy a $50 fragrance for your person, that doesn’t mean everyone has the means for such a purchase. Some people simply don’t have the means to purchase extravagant items for their Secret Santa; however, they may create stunning handmade items. Or they know how to select one-on-a-kind gifts at amazing prices.

3) Since Secret Santa only happens once a year, have fun with it! I know, many of us are in work environments that are stressful. And co-workers are the ones you see for many hours a day, whether you get along with them or not. It helps to keep in mind that Secret Santa gifts are ones that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Think of it like a small peace offering during the holidays, which can carry its own stressors, regardless of who you are. Having fun with the process is key.

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