Blogmas Day 17: Christmas With Family

Over the years, the holiday season has gotten a bit trickier to navigate with our families. In the past, choosing which family to spend time with was easy: my ex-boyfriend’s family didn’t celebrate holidays, so we would head to my family’s home for Thanksgiving, and Christmas would be a time for us. I’m sure that my family wanted me to visit them on Christmas, but they never pressured me to visit them. We always had our weekly phone conversations and monthly visits.

With my fiance’s family however, it’s gotten a bit more interesting. Since both families celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s only right to spend equal time with both of them. We’ve managed to work out Thanksgiving well so far: we spend time with Andy’s family during the day, then head to my family’s home in the evening.

For Christmas, it’s still a bit tricky. Last year was the first I can remember (in our five year relationship) that we worked out spending time with both groups. In the past either we would spend Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house one year, or simply staying with Andy’s family during the Christmas holiday. Working out the ‘family schedule’ for Christmas can be complicated, so we were glad that we reached a compromise.

In the coming days, preparing for Christmas can bring about stress, culminating to visiting close family and friends. While drama and unexpected surprises might unfold, it’s very helpful to maintain the deep bonds with the people who matter most to us.

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