Month: December 2018

December 4, 2018: Crafting

In the midst of prepping for my room this week, I realized that I need to gather materials for the parent gift I need to create for my familes. I already know that I won’t be able to make these gifts at work. I guess that’s why it’s taking me so long to do them. I need to make sure that I don’t get too far behind in doing them!

The Hanukkah craft I made with my kids really worked out yesterday! I made menorah hats with the kids. They didn’t want to take them off, which was a good sign. 🙂

Blogmas Day 3: A Recent Christmas Memory

There are many memories from past Christmas seasons that stand out in a positive note. One of these moments took place about a few years ago, back in 2012. I was living in New York at the time, and my aunt invited me to come over to spend Christmas in Paterson. Since I was very busy with my job as an educator at a nursery school by Columbia University it was weeks since I spent time with my relatives. I couldn’t wait to see my family and catch up with life. I wound up spending up a few days in the neighborhood where I grew up, including heading to a party on Christmas Eve held by a good friend of the family. My cousin was thrilled that I was accompanying her to the Christmas Eve party. Christmas is a time for family to grow closer together, and they were there when I needed them most.

December 3, 2018: New Reads/Cousins

I began reading ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ by Liane Moriarty last night. I’m only 20 pages in, but it’s quite interesting. It’s a multiple perspective novel written in the 3rd person. Since it’s Monday I’m not sure when I’ll get back into the story. I can take it to work with me today, but it’s doubtful that I’ll touch it until I’m home.

One of my cousins contacted me last night. She went on a trip over the weekend, but didn’t share with my grandparents where she was going, or who she was going with. I’m glad that she at least told her mom, but it’s a bit crazy that she goes on these excursions with little notice. As long as she’s present for my wedding!

December 2, 2018: Prepping/Completing ‘After the Quake’

I spent most of yesterday prepping for the new monthly theme for my classroom. It took a good couple hours making sure I have what I needed. I know that it’s not ideal to do work-related tasks during the weekend, yet Andy came down with a cold, so I had the day to gather what I needed for the first half of the month.

I also finished reading ‘After the Quake’ by Haruki Murakami! It was such a lovely short story collecttion. Due to NaNoWriMo, there was a pause in completing the compilation, but I can still recall what occurred in the earlier stories. I will give a more extensive book review in a future post.

Blogmas Day 1: Favorite Christmas Specials

     It’s the beginning of December, so in the vein of experimenting with new blogging ideas, I decided to finally give Blogmas a try! I’ve always viewed the ‘Vlogmas’ specials on YouTube throughout the month of December, yet the idea of getting in front of a camera is pretty unnerving. Since I enjoy writing, doing Blogmas sounds more suitable for me. So here I am, ready for December! 

     For those who don’t know what Blogmas is all about, it means that bloggers create Christmas-related content from December 1-25. It can center on anything Christmasy: DIY ideas, crafting, favorite Christmas carols, fun Christmas stories/poems, or a favorite Christmas memory. I decided to jump right into it and talk about favorite Christmas specials that I enjoy watching. 

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: I absolutely enjoy anything Peanuts related, and I make sure to watch this heartfelt special every year. The story follows Charlie Brown not being so thrilled about the upcoming Christmas season. His friend Lucy invites him to direct the school Christmas play, yet he feels discouraged by the group’s lack of interest in following the goals of the project. A valuable lesson in the special, and helpful advice from his good friend Linus, guides us all to learn about the true meaning of Christmas. 
  • It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown: This Peanuts special began airing on 1992. The show featured several stories instead of one ongoing story that the original showed decades earlier. It’s still very endearing to watch. I enjoy watching Santa Snoopy the most!
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas: This special has been remade into a movie (another reboot was released a few weeks ago), yet I still love watching the animated special on television. It follows the Grinch as he schemes a plot to steal Christmas from families. Along the way, he comes across Cindy Lou Who, who guides the Grinch towards a change of heart. 
  • Frosty the Snowman: This special features the lovable Frosty as a group of children build him on Christmas Eve, and he magically comes to life. When the children discover that Frosty needs to stay constantly cold and protected, they head to the North Pole to keep him whole. 

     There are a few other Christmas special that I enjoy watching, yet these are the four Christmas animated specials that I enjoy watching. Lately my schedule gets hectic, so I do my best to watch at least one of these beloved specials every year. At the very least, I have the Charlie Brown Christmas DVD, so I definitely catch that one.

     What is your favorite Christmas special? Feel free to share in the comments below! 

December 1, 2018: Remembering Her Birthday

The beginning of December is always bittersweet. My mom would have been 66 on this day, yet she is no longer with me. I wish I could say to her ‘Happy Birthday’, and have one more conversation with her. To hear her voice one more time. Mom would always take things in stride, and I know that right now she would want me to live my life, not think about many negative things to keep me down. She was always a low-key type of person. Today is definitely a moment to connect with family. It’s a Saturday, which means that I give my family a call to check in. Hopefully my grandparents are in good spirits.