Month: January 2019

January 5, 2018: ‘One Day in December’ by Josie Silver/A Review

I purchased this novel from Book of the Month
Length: 416 pgs.
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

     ‘One Day in December’ by Josie Silver is a lighthearted (yet moving) tale about friendship, lost love, and heartache through the years. The story is based in London, beginning around Christmas 2008. Laurie is a young woman stuck in a thankless job in hospitality, and she heads home on a bus when she spies Jack waiting at a bus stop. Their eyes meet for a moment before the bus continues toward Laurie’s home. Laurie spends a year searching for her mystery man, and she eventually finds him a year later…as her best friend Sarah’s new boyfriend. The story then follows the lives of these three individuals throughout the decade, documenting the growth and pitfalls of their relationship.

     I picked up ‘One Day in December’ as my Book of the Month December selection. Admittedly, Romantic Literature is a genre I rarely venture into as my main reading preference. What enticed me into picking up this selection is that the story largely centers around the Christmas season, and I was searching for Christmas-related books last month. While the novel is sectioned off in years, each part naturally circles back toward the holiday season, which I deeply appreciated.

     ‘One Day in December’ is narrated in the first person, divided into Laurie’s and Jack’s perspective. The novel documents their feelings toward each other as they navigate the line of platonic friendship and hidden attraction while maintaining their relationships with Sarah. Since this is a love story, Laurie’s life takes unexpected (yet predictable) twists and turns as she searches for true happiness. Through it all, Laurie discovers that as long as you have a strong, emotional support system, you will never be truly alone in life.

     I enjoyed reading ‘One Day in December’, and I’m glad I bought this as my monthly December selection.

Rating: 4/5

January 1, 2019: Notes on New Year’s

My New Year’s celebration with Andy took us to Andover, NJ. Since I wasn’t feeling well a couple days earlier, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take part in the festivities. Thankfully I got plenty of rest on Sunday, and I felt much better in time for New Year’s Eve. It was a great time hanging out with our friends Allyson and Tim. I first met them about six years ago at a birthday party, and they’re both very good people.

We had such an enjoyable time hanging out at Allyson’s Andover home. It always has such a festive, Christmas-like feel during this time. I enjoy admiring the decorations, and sitting before the fireplace whenever we come over during the winter months. We also have fun watching the New Year’s Eve specials on television. It’s never a dull moment!

Andy with Little Snoopy and Christmas Snoopy!

One the many NYE shows we saw last night. We loved watching Brooke and Don!
The lovely fireplace in the daytime…with a special ‘visitor’!