‘The Gilded Wolves’/Reading Blog #1

I’m up to page 108 in ‘The Gilded Wolves’. I’ve heard many mixed reviews about this novel, plus many comparisons to ‘Six of Crows’. So far, the only resemblance I see to ‘Six of Crows’ is that there is a planned heist, and it involves a group of people. Aside from those two facts, the comparisons end there. The characters each have their own storied past, each filled with their own forms of mental and emotional baggage. It will be interesting to see how these friendships/relationships progress as I continue reading the novel.

I’m really liking the scientific, magical aspect of this Parisian landscape. It involves a complex system of Forging (manipulating solid and liquid matter to benefit the means of the user), with many rules. It does seem complicated to follow all the rules through at times, yet so far I really appreciate it.

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