My OwlCrate for July 2019: Tournaments and Trials

Since I’m heading to my family’s house in Northern Jersey tomorrow, I’m glad that my OwlCrate package arrived before then! I’ve been anticipating what the surprise book would be, and the mug (since I can never have too many coffee mugs)! Plus, I get to share my treats with all of you!

Here is what I received from OwlCrate this month:

–Canvas coin purse, inspired by The Hunger Games. designed by Kit Cronk Studio
Harry Potter inspired mug (Triwizard Tournament). Designed by Cara Kozik
–300pc jigsaw puzzle, inspired by The Night Circus. Designed by Holly Dunn Designs (accompanying art print is featured in the next photo)
–Deck of playing cards, inspired by characters from A Gathering of Shadows. Designed by Michelle Gray.
Character illustrators: Nicole Deal, Gina Hilton, Marianne Martin, and Diana Dworak
–Lanyard inspired by The Selection. Designed by Four Seasons Fox

–Art print guide to 300 pc puzzle (featured above)
–Gorgeous enamel pin for July, designed by Dust and Pages
–OwlCrate exclusive copy of Spin the Dawn, by Elizabeth Lim. Book is signed by the author!
–Letter from the author
–bookmark featuring cover art from Spin the Dawn
–OwlCrate booklet for July
Kingdom of Souls preview
–card announcing OwlCrate theme for August: Storms and Seas
Everything together in one happy photo!

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