Weekend Reads

I’m reading two books this weekend. The first I’m taking on is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve never watched the successful television show of the same name, yet I’ve heard many great things about it from my friends. I’ve decided to give the book a try. It’s a very long read (over 800 pages), but I’ve read books that long before, so I’m up for the task!

So far I’m about a quarter of the way into the story. I really love the historical information of Scotland in the 1740s. The main character, Claire Randall, has forced to become acclimated into 18th century Scottish living. She doesn’t really have a choice! Claire also lends her 20th century wisdom to people surrounding her, with amusing outcomes. It’s interesting to see how this story progresses.

I’m also reading Again, but Better by Christine Riccio through audiobook. It’s also a good read, an NA (New Adult) contemporary novel. It’s a definite switch from the historical fiction content I’m consuming these past couple weeks (Outlander and The Tea Girl From Hummingbird Lane ), but I don’t mind reading the light-hearted story!

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