Reading Blog: Readathon Progress

I’m in the midst of wedding planning, but I managed to make some time for my stories. As much as I’m excited about my wedding (10 days away!), I need a break from planning for a little while.

This week I finished the audiobook of Again, but Better. I liked how the story was a light read, certainly easier to move through than Outlander. It was a fun tale about finding (and re-inventing) oneself. I read a portion of it in the evenings, when I had available time.

I’m almost done with Outlander! While it’s a long book, it’s enjoyable to read. The history of the Scottish Highlands on the brink of war is quite rich. Claire’s quest in returning to her own time period has notable obstacles in her journey, causing her to re-evaluate her wants and desires in life. It’s also a very steamy read!

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