How I Handle Writer’s Block

Some days, lines flow onto the page like water. Characters and their stories find a place on the screen and stake their claim, and I meticulously build their lives and personalities.

Other days I face the plague of ‘The Blank Page’. My WIP (work in progress) hits a brick wall, and my beloved figures decide to take another direction. Any direction, except the path where I want them to go.

And the dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’ comes upon us…

The ‘Where Do I Go Now’ stage in writing. The ‘whatever I write won’t fit’ stage. It’s so frustrating when that stage takes place.

Frustrating? Of course! More than anything, I would love for the writing ideas to flow freely.

Will this last forever? No! This feeling will eventually pass.

Whenever I get into these modes of Writers Block, I overcome it by doing the following:

Breathe. At times, writers block occur when the mind goes into ‘Panic Mode’ (due to hopelessness, sadness, stress, etc.). Sometimes the key to move past this all begins with a deep breath.

Turn toward another favorite passion. When I’m blocked, I go to another favorite passion in order to ‘un-block’. I turn to reading a book, or crocheting. Sometimes I do at least an hour of this de-stressing exercise before I return to writing.

Self Care. Sometimes a mental block results from two things:
a) my health is effected. I’m living with Type 1 Diabetes. This condition comes with severe lows from time to time, which is paired with disorientation. When this happens, I need a sugar boost (juice, milk, crackers), and I need 20 minutes until my sugar is at a normal reading. It’s rough when this happens, but it’s part of my daily life.
b) Self doubt. Sometimes the block can feel overwhelming to the point when a lifeline is truly needed. This takes the form of either talking to my husband, or texting my dear friend from college days. The key thing is that when sadness threatens your mental health, I reach out to my support system.

So these are the tools I use when I endure a block with my writing. Eventually, the wall passes, and I’m able to write my ideas freely once again. When a mental block come my way again? Possibly. But it won’t be a permanent situation!

Side note: Sometimes it’s difficult to speak to someone readily about any kind of mental block, and that’s understandable! I’m just sharing my methods of dealing with blocks in writing. Everyone has their own way of overcoming a struggle in writing.
Even if you’re not at that point when you’re comfortable in speaking to someone when feeling blocked, that’s okay too. Please know that you are worth it, and that your work is important!!

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