Top 5 Disney Villans/Blogtober Day 5

Many people recall absorbing Disney content at one point in their lives. When I was younger, I would watch the movies and play the Books on Record on repeat! Aside from the heroes, the villians were the most memorable parts of the story!

In this post I will list the top 5 Disney villians (in my opinion)!

5. Evil Queen from Snow White

The Evil Queen always watched Snow White from afar, and used many tricks to end her existance!

4. Cruella de Vil: 101 Dalmations

Cruella only had her sights set on snagging the perfect ‘look’ for her clothing line, and would stop at nothing to grab it!

3.Maleficent: Sleeping Beauty

On the date of Alora’s birth, Maleficent made the promise to take Aurora’s life on her 16th birthday. She made every attempt to fulfill that promise!

2. Ursula: The Little Mermaid

Even when Ariel was so close in achieving her wishes with Prince Eric, Ursula robbed her of her cherished gift: her voice!

1: Scar: The Lion King

Not even Mufasa (Scar’s own brother) was safe from Scar’s deviant plot to rule the kingdom!

Do you have your own list of most devious Disney villans? Feel free to share in the comments!

Inspired by The Library Looter and Anniek’s Blogtober Challenge


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