TBR Update/Blogtober Day 10

Well, the first 10 day of October have flown by, and I finished one book in my TBR pile! I gave myself 6 stories to read, and I still have high hopes to complete that task!

I finished reading ‘A Dream So Dark’, and I loved it! It was quite an amazing book, and I can’t wait for Part 3!

I began reading Jerusalem Maiden last night. This story is historical fiction, set at the end of the Ottoman Empire (1911). I’ve read the first 50 pages, and I received quite a bit of information about Esther’s character, and her family culture. I’m wondering what my book group will discuss about this story next week!

I’m well aware that Spookathon is in two weeks, and I may take part in that as well…I just need to make a dent in this TBR pile. We’ll see if that happens lol…

How is your reading challenge/TBR pile progress coming along? Hopefully you’re making the most of it!

Note: I’m participating in The Library Looter & Anniek’s Blogtober Challenge.

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