A Day In My Life/Blogtober Day 23

I’m participating in The Library Looter and Anniek’s Library Blogtober challenge.

During the week, my days begin very early (6am), for me to prepare for work. I’m currently subbing at a school in Central NJ, but I begin a permanent job next week (yay!).

I go to work, and my phone goes off until 3:30pm!

I get home around 4, then I check email and do some bookish things (read a couple chapters from a current book, book blogging, writing poetry)

During October I’ve been venturing to New York City once a week. One of the good things about subbing is that you can make your own schedule, so I make sure I take one day a week to spend time with books, and explore. The photos above were from a recent trip to Poets House!
Of course my schedule will shift next week, but I’ll make sure that I still make time to venture into New York on a regular basis!

I hope everyone’s week is going well!

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