Local Ghost Story/Blogtober Day 28

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In Central NJ, there is a building named The Union Hotel. Located in downtown Flemington, NJ, The Union Hotel was constructed in 1878 and was a town centerpiece as a stagecoach stop. It became a national destination during the 1934 trial of the Lindbergh Baby death. Journalists and jurors stayed at the Union Hotel as Bruno Hauptmann was tried for his heinous crime at the county courthouse directly across the street.

The Union Hotel in Flemington, NJ

The Union Hotel stopped taking guests around the 1950s, but it continued operating as a bar restaurant. During this run, there were many reports from workers and patrons of hearing unearthly voices and humming out of nowhere. One person reported seeing a disembodied pair of a child’s patent leather shoes walking up the steps. The restaurant manager reported sensing a presence while being alone in his office.

There were many attempts to revive the Union Hotel, but talks always fell in circles, and the building fell into disrepair. The Union Hotel closed for good on 2007.

Since that time, the town committee goes back and forth discussing the fate of the Union Hotel. Two years ago, there were plans to tear down the building and create a shopping center, parking deck, and a college building. On 2017, A decision was made to preserve the hotel structure, and the back and forth proceedings as to how to revive the downtown area of Flemington resumed.


Flemington’s Union Hotel Designated Historic Site

Ghosts of the Union Hotel, Flemington

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