Reading Blog/Slow & Steady (November 20)

I’m such a slow reader. I want to absorb every detail in the book, every step in the plot (or life event, since I’m in the middle of a non-fiction book). It usually means that my other reading plans are placed on hold, but for now I’m okay with that.

I’m over 70% through with Becoming. I’m at the stage when Michelle is adjusting to her new life as First Lady of the United States. I’m absolutely in awe at the amount of detail Barack Obama and his family received the moment he became President-Elect! Both Michelle, Barack, and their family deserved this treatment, since they were all about making positive changes in our country.

As for W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose…I’m still at page 50! It’s not that I’m disinterested…I enjoy reading a book through a dog’s point of view! I’m just so absorbed in reading the first book. I certainly need to develop a routine in reading multiple books at once. I was successful in reading 2 stories at once last month, so I’m not sure how reading multiple books is difficult this time around!

I feel like I’ll coming around and figure something out. It’s just the process of overcoming this predicament is annoying! I’m definitely aiming to be finished with Becoming by tomorrow, since my book group will be talking about it. I should be able to complete it!

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