A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron/A Review

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron
Publisher: Forge
Purchased through Barnes & Noble
Length: 319 pages
Genre: Fiction
Release Date: July 2010 (1st edition)

A Dog’s Purpose is a loving, heartwarming story about life told through the eyes of a dog and the many lives he experiences. Bailey just wants to fulfill his calling in life: to make his owner happy no matter what. Every moment in this story is a discovery, and you learn about locations and life events as told through this adorable character. As the reader, I was left to figure out exactly where the events are unfolding, but I also found this process very enjoyable (and humorous in some instances, especially when Bailey is up to some mischief)!

While reading A Dog’s Purpose, I found myself fondly remembering my past fur babies. I am a dog lover, and I’ve had some special loved ones share my life. I’ve had a chihuahua and German Shepherd with my family, and I shared a Beagle with my husband until recently. There were many joyous memories with all of these lovable creatures, and the sadness brought upon their loss was strong.

Much like it expertly covers an animal’s humorous moments, A Dog’s Purpose also covers the end of life just as emotionally. I was in tears in several moments of the book, especially towards the middle of the story (the moment I knew what was coming, there were tears). As sad as their losses were, this encompasses the brief life cycle of an animal. They enter our lives, make discoveries, provide happiness, and (hopefully) live out their lengthy (yet brief) lives.

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron was such a beautiful story about love and life. I truly recommend this book!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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