Blogmas Day 17: Ideal Secret Santa Gifts

If you’re participating in a Secret Santa activity for your job, it can be truly overwhelming to figure out what to buy for your person. The task to choose a gift throughout the week for $5-10 a day (the price of the last day may vary), can feel scary! It doesn’t need to be though. There are a few mainstay gifts you can stick to, that everyone can enjoy!

Here is a small list of gift ideas that you can select for your Secret Santa:

–Chocolates (you can pick up a gift pack from any department store)

–Coffee/Tea packs (these can be available in any price range)

–Skin care packets (face masks and/or creams): you would be surprised what you can find at Target/WalMart between $1-5!

–Small books (easily found at Barnes & Noble, near the sales racks)

–Bottle of wine (this is ideal for a Final Day gift. There are many varieties, for any price range)!

I hope this year’s Secret Santa activity is a stress free one for you!

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