Blogmas Day 21: Festive Holiday Drinks

As this is the time of year for holiday parties, many people take part in merriment and drinking! As long as it’s done responsibly, everyone can have an enjoyable time during the holiday season! Here are a few (adult) drinks preferred in holiday gatherings:

Coquito: This special drink is popular with many Hispanic gatherings over the holidays! Made with coconut milk, condensed milk, and rum, this drink is very flavorful with a kick! Last year, I wrote a Blogmas post all about Coquito, which you can read here!

Downeast Winter Blend: Andy and I had this drink while attending a birthday gathering last weekend. It’s a cider with over 6% alcohol, and it’s sooo delicious!

Gingerbread Mule: A spinoff of the popular Moscow Mule, this drink blended with vodka and gingerbread syrup & spice will liven up any holiday gathering! A recipe for the Gingerbread Mule can be found at Sugar and Charm!

These are just a few drinks that can be enjoyed during the holiday season! Just a reminder: these drinks are alcoholic, so they’re not suitable for kids! And always drink responsibly!

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