The Women of Brewster Place by Gloria Naylor/A Review

The Women of Brewster Place: A Novel in Seven Stories by Gloria Naylor
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Books
Length: 192 Pages
Format: Audiobook
Release Date: June 2, 1982

My Thoughts:

I read this book through Audible in one sitting. I was thoroughly captivated with the lives of the women residing in Brewster Place, since they represent a microcosm of society: a matriarch providing space and a helping hand when needed; a young revolutionary at odds with her mother’s definition of the true meaning of social justice; a young same-sex couple starting over after countless experiences of discrimination. Gloria Naylor writes an unflinching account of women surviving extremely emotional situations. Brewster Place has a group of women thriving despite the difficult circumstances they have. They turn to each other when moments become extremely difficult, a community of women turning to one another despite their hardships.

The Women of Brewster Place was a wonderful television special years ago. I recall watching the program admiring this strong group of women turning to each other when faced with violence and discrimination. The neighborhood that Brewster Place is situated in can be placed in many big cities throughout the country. There is always a community living in difficult financial standing, yet their community stays united, working to build a better life within the neighborhood. The Women of Brewster Place continues to hold as a powerful story about women surviving extreme difficulties while staying together.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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