Reading Blog: Crawdads and Admiring Nature

Today I made good headway in reading ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’. I was supposed to read this for my book club meeting this week, but a notice came out today that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Hunterdon County libraries will be closed until the end of the month. I’ll definitely have time to finish the story between now and the next meeting! So far, I love how the story alternates between a murder mystery and describing the life of a young girl living in the marshlands of North Carolina.

Aside from reading, I made myself busy around the house (the usual cleaning and laundry, tending my plants). I also went outside briefly to appreciate nature. While I was outside, I admired viewing the daffodils and the budding trees in the front yard. I love being surrounded by the signs of Spring!

In this period of uncertainty and social distancing, it’s important for us to stay connected with one another. Wishing a smooth, minimally-stressful time for everyone!

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