Book Review: ‘Magic’ by Mike Russell

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Magic by Mike Russell
Publisher: StrangeBooks
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Acquired through publisher
Length: 236 pages
Release Date: March 5, 2020

My Thoughts

**I received a copy of ‘Magic’ through the publisher, in exchange for an honest review**

‘Magic’ by Mike Russell is a fun story about a person’s ability to discover the power of magic in his life, no matter how dire the consequences. The story follows the journey of Charlie Watson, a young man adopted by a magician due to a difficult upbringing. After his adoptive parent passes away, Charlie is drawn to a magicical performance in his area. Having a close connection to magic himself, Charlie believes that he has found a kindred spirit that he can gain knowledge from. What he actually discovers is much more than he could have imagined!

Throughout the book, Charlie goes on a wild journey of revelations. His entire life is based on the knowledge learned form his adoptive parent: magic exists to make people happy. He also wants to share this knowledge with everyone around him. Along the way he uncovers the wide scope of emotion that people experience: disbelief, sadness, hope. While Charlie’s belief system is faced with challenged, it ultimately provides him with a renewed awareness on the true meaning of magic.

I really appreciated reading ‘Magic’, and I think that people would love this story filled with unexpected twists and turns!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Does magic exist? Charlie Watson thinks it does and he wants to tell you all about it. Before he was famous, Charlie Watson decided to write a book to share with the world everything he knew about magic. This is that book. You will discover why Charlie always wears a top hat, why his house is full of rabbits, how magic wands are made, how the universe began, and much, much more. Plus, for the first time, Charlie tells of the strange events that led him from England to the Arctic, to perform the extraordinary feat that made him famous, and he finally reveals whether that extraordinary feat was magic or whether it was just a trick. Magic is a magic novel by Mike Russell. (Suitable for adults of all ages.)

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