Books (and a Craft) to Share for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

In case you’re looking for a fun craft to do with your child, here is one particular activity I did with my classroom during previous years!

Earth Day Craft

All you need for this craft is three things:
paper plates
blue paint (for the ocean)
green paint (for the land)

Make sure to coat your child’s hand with the respected paint color before placing it either side of the plate.

Allow some time to dry, and you’ll have a child-sized representation of Earth!

Earth Day Books

I read these stories for my children during ‘Earth Day’ week. You can choose to read these stories for your children before or after doing the craft:

Curious George Plants a Tree by Margaret & H.A. Rey
This wonderful story features our lovable monkey with his companion sharing the love of the Earth, while unknowingly getting involved into some mischief!

The Earth Book by Todd Parr
This story holds beautiful images that show the beauty of the world we live in, as well as how important it is to protect it!

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