‘The Riot Grrrl Thing’ by Sara Larsen/A Review

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The Riot Grrrl Thing by Sara Larsen
Publisher: Roof Books
Length: 112 pages
Genre: Poetry
Release Date: March 30, 2019

My Thoughts

The Riot Grrrl Thing by Sara Larsen reflects back to time of punk rock and female empowerment. Reading her poetry collection brought me back to my high school years in the 1990s, when Bikini Kill and Nirvana opened the floodgates to my eclectic tastes in music. Sara Larsen’s poetry takes you back to her youth commuting from Camden and Cherry Hill to Philadelphia, making friends and broadening her horizons while becoming an independent young woman in the music scene. Larsen also includes a commentary which explained the mantra many young women created for themselves during this time period. Each declaration unique as the individual herself, Sara Larsen takes an unflinching account on what it means to embody the Riot Grrrl movement.

I highly recommend this collection of poetry for Women’s History material, or for someone who would love to take in the powerful message of a strong woman asserting her independence through the spoken word!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

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