Book Blogger Hop: Does a GoodReads/Retail rating effect your book choices?

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The Book Blogger Hop is a book meme hosted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer where you answer a weekly prompt featuring a book related question. This way you have a chance to check out other people’s blogs and gain new followers yourself.

This Week’s Question:

Do the star ratings a book receives on Goodreads or retail sites affect whether you buy the book or not?

Usually ratings on sites don’t influence what books I purchase. If I’m interested in a book I’ll buy it (or borrow it from the library)!

Does a positive/negative review on retail sites or GoodReads effect your book buying decision?

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  1. In all honesty? Yes. Definitely. Goodreads is my go-to place to check out a book and most often than not, I don’t just see the overall rating, I also check out written reviews below it and often scroll through quite a few of them before choosing whether I’d like to purchase it or not.

  2. Negative reviews make me curious about the book and usually if the book has a ton of negative reviews, I want to read the book to form my own opinion.

    1. Yes, I also feel that way towards certain books. Sometimes I come across a book with lots of negative reviews, then get surprised when I have an opposite response!

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