Avatar the Last Airbender Book Tag

I’m always searching for fun book tags to complete, so I decided to do the Avatar the Last Airbender Book Tag!

I came across this tag through Star is All Booked Up‘s page. The Last Airbender Tag was created by A Clockwork Reader!


Katara and Sokka: The Best Sibling Relationship

Widget and Poppet Murray from The Night Circus. These siblings compliented each other in many ways!


Favorite Star-Crossed Lovers

Anita Blake and Richard Zeeman from Circus of the Damned. I still think he’s a better choice than Jean Claude!

Book Bending

A Book With Disturbing/Unsettling Content

Ever Alice–quite a different version of Alice in Wonderland!


Toph: A Character Whose Strength Surprised You or The Other Characters In The Book

Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series!

The Tales of Ba Sing Se

Best Short Story/Poetry Collection

Night Shift by Stephen King. Such a great short story collection. Every story in this book was memorable!

Kioshi Warriors

Best Warrior Character

Zafira in We Hunt the Flame! Such a strong female lead!


Zuko: Best Redemption Arc

Damon–The Vampire Diaries series


Wisest Character

Maverick Carter–The Hate U Give

Azula: Best Downfall

The villian had it coming!

Appa: Favorite Fictional Animal/Pet

The creatures from The Tea Dragon Society. I wanted them all!

Aang: Purest Cinnamon Roll

Wylan–Six of Crows

Avatar State: A Stubborn Character/ A Character That Struggles With Letting Go

Heather–The Dead Girls Club
She was in denial for far too long!

Those are the questions! This was so much fun to fill out!

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