Bookish Friday: May 29

Bookish Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Laurie Reads and Niffler Reads. The prompts for February to May can be found here.

This Week’s Topic: Animal Sidekicks

Hedwig (Harry Potter Series)

Owls are so near and dear to my heart. Hedwig the Snowy Owl was one of the best parts of the Harry Potter series!

The Cats in the ‘Warriors‘ series

This is not exactly a ‘sidekick’ selection, as this series centers around a world of feral felines. I absolutely love their adventures!

Stella, Bob & Ruby in ‘The One and Only Ivan

There are such adorable creatures in ‘The One and Only Ivan’! The story is quite an eye-opening experience.

Who are your favorite bookish animal sidekicks? Feel free to share!

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